The W.A.A.C.C.P.P. (“Privilege” Exposed)

The N W.A.A.C.P.P.








Crackertown, South Carolina

Concerned whites think that “caucasian culture” is under attack and has been demonized, used and exploited by other races.

A Caucasian leader, Arnold B. Cracker, told our Rotten Apple correspondent, “Untold millions, even billions of people around the world have BENEFITTED from ‘white privilege’ around the world.”

Its one of history’s little ‘white’ secrets that need to be accepted and ‘celebrated’ in our current ‘multi-cultural’ society.

The concerned whites want “reparations”.  Make your checks out to “The Man”.  One Caucasian, who said his name was “Uncle Cracker”, stated, “We want ours back”.

CARS and COMPUTERS are PRETTY ‘WHITE‘.  We would appreciate that other races pay for the benefits they have experienced.”  The German George Daimler and American Henry Ford were extremely “white”.

When pressed for examples, a WAACCPP spokesperson stated, “Mexicans took perfectly normal ‘Caucasian’ cars and turned them into tricked out low-riders without white permission.  We are demanding ‘fair use’ payments.”

We want the term CHINESE LAUNDRY back.  The Chinese did not have western, style “laundry” in China.

When told that Chinese-Americans were segregated by racial prejudice into the laundry industry, the Caucasian “spokesman” said, “Really? Never mind”.

The controversy has spread to the sports world.

One WAACPP spokesperson said, “Blacks have appropriated BASKETBALL to their benefit.  We’ll let them keep it, but lay off HOCKEY – that is where we draw the line.”

When an African-American recently expressed dismay over the “cultural appropriation” by musician BRUNO MARS, of mixed Puerto Rican, white, Jewish, Filipino and who knows what else background, the WAACCPP spokesmen said our official Bruno Mars policy is , “That whole situation is a mess we refuse to deal with.  You deal with and sort that out.”

Things such as modern medicine, political “civil rights” such as representative republican self-government, voting,  education, that have traditionally been “white”, and used as “privilege”,  and should be “categorized” as such.

Concerned “Caucasians” are fighting back against the attacks on their “rights”.

They claim to be”victim-ized” at “racist” attacks on their white-ness by closet racists who unjustly USE and ABUSE “white-ness” without proper regard and respect.  

“R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Find out what it means to WHITE-ey”, proclaimed one “social justice WHITE warrior”.

“May be that song was written by a black man (Otis Redding), re-made by a black musical legend and icon (Aretha Franklin), made by a music company (Atlantic Records) started by emigrant Turks (the Ertegun brothers), ran and produced by Jews (Jerry Wrexler) and engineered by whites (Tom Dowd) and musicians (“The Swampers”, white ‘house’ musicians at Muscle Shoals music studios in Alabama), but without white people, that song would never have meant squat to anyone around the world.  The role whites played has been a clear case of discrimination and hidden bias and disrespect of ‘white privilege’.”

Outraged “whites” resent the demon-izing, color stereotyping and obsession –

“Don’t call me ‘WHITE’ – call me ‘CAUCASIAN-AMERICAN”.  

‘MY PEOPLE’ came from ‘CAUCASIA’!”

“My ancestors came here to ESCAPE WHITE PRIVILEGE‘.  I don’t want historical ignor-amuses and race baiters and deceptive, divisive  frauds lecturing me about ‘white privilege’ while ‘playing the race card’, an oppressive, fascistic form of tribal “black privilege’.”

“My ancestors came here 50 years AFTER the Civil War ended, poor emigrants ESCAPING European ‘privilege’.

One set of my grandparents were ‘Slav-ic’ – where we get the name ‘slave’ from its practice thousands of years ago.

My other set of ancestors were illiterate farmers who came here in the early 1900s as indentured servants to that sh#t-hole Hawaii to pick sugar, then moved to the now socialist proletarian paradise, oops, I mean the People’s Republic, oops, I mean “Mexifornia”, oops I mean California, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

One concerned American citizen, who claimed his name was “Slavic Socrates”, voiced his controversial views which subvert the basic assumptions and confusions concerning this whole issue, views which probably will have him burned at the stake as a ‘white witch’ of non-conformist heresy fighting totalitariansm:

“Do not lecture me on ‘victimization’ and ‘privilege’ you historical, mental and moral ##tards, politically correct perverts.

“We” came here to America ON PURPOSE here to ESCAPE and be FREE and establish our establish our own damn ‘privilege’!”





But you ‘total-i-tards‘ reveal and camouflage your OWN “PROGRESSIVE PRIVILEGE” and seek to jam it down everybody’s throats.

“The RIGHT TO BE ‘WRONG’ is OUR AMERICAN ‘RIGHT’ and ‘PRIVILEGE’, you politically-correct predators, parasites and perverts, ‘progressive-utopian’, dystopian dumb##es”, totalitarian termites’ devouring our freedoms and prosperity, progressive ‘poseurs’, self-righteous and hypocritical ‘philistines’ and ‘pharisees’ on a psychotic pseudo-religious ‘crusade’ of political idolatry, sowing the seeds of dysfunction, division, deception, delusion and destruction!”

“Some guy” in HIS-tory past condemned “white washed houses” who are “full of dead men’s bones”.

Please, “perverts”,  leave my “privilege” alone.  

In another development, Concerned “SOCCER MOMS” started “The SUBurban LEAGUE” to protect and fight for their ‘privilege’.  


“Whites are tired of being caricatured and ‘scapegoated’ by non-whites for all the problems of society.  We are ‘victims’ of ‘dog whistle’ bias, prejudice and discrimination.”

When asked for an example, a spokesman responded, “How come there are NO WHITE M&Ms?”  Such exclusion shows an inherent color race-based animus in the ENTIRE CANDY INDUSTRY!  Why do they (the so-called “man”) almost always make CHOCOLATE BROWN?

“If you don’t like my ‘white privilege’, leave me ALONE.

If I want to take my wife Mindy and daughter Buffy to Starbucks to the mall in my SUV after her morning soccer game at the local park paid for by ‘white’ taxpayers working at white, capitalist corporations, that’s your (non-white) problem”.

Leave us ALONE.

Your ‘bile’ of bigotry hides and camouflages the basic human problem of POWER.

Power “corrupts” everyone else except yourselves, in whom it “corrects”.

Read a history book – ‘the revolution’ devours all ‘other’ before eating itself.  

Your fascist pathologies reflect your hate and resentment of freedom and prosperity.

Reject ‘the Borg’ –  Resistance is NOT futile.

We LIKE our ‘privilege’ and are now willing to FIGHT for and PROTECT OUR ‘CIVIL RIGHTS”!

“I am a “VICTIM” of white GUILT and black VICTIM-ization, which form the foundation of your OWN twisted ‘privilege’. –

… slavery existed before white men showed up in Africa and exists today after the white man left Africa.  (e.g. Mauritania)

Race ‘rackets’ and ‘red-herrings‘ distractions are themselves used as forms of  ‘privilege’.

The “odds” are that I never owned a slave and you never picked cotton, so do not make us all “slaves” to the past. 


Unfortunately, part of my white “privilege” super-powers is I can hear white-hate “DOG-WHISTLES”.

As a child, I recognized that pathological hate and bigotry of “blacks” was “strange”, “off” and WRONG.

Black hate and bigotry are STILL wrong  and “strange” to any and all true  ‘children of God’ and Americans.

As an adult, I recognize white “self-loathing”.  

But “Blacks” need to stop murdering, aborting and abandoning the parenting of their own children, their own version of “self-loathing”.

The “point” – we are ALL ‘sinners’ in need of God’s Grace.

We all suffer from the “human disease” of SIN the Savior, a “suffering servant” himself, died for. 

NO ‘discrimination’ should be tolerated based on that ‘fact of life’.

IF someone told the Bloods and Crips that “Black Lives Matter” – then I might be impressed.  

My “heroes” were God’s prophets, who almost all got killed for telling the truth. What happened to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X?

My father grew up on the south side of Chicago.  Thank God he moved out to California and married my mother.

This racial “SOCIAL JUSTICE” is almost all “political theater” and “fascist fraud” to camouflage and divert the “real” issues of “POWER”. 

Demagogues manipulating and misleading with “race” to gain POWER “by any means necessary“, Neo-Marxist “POWER-PIGS” and “meat-heads” with an “agenda” to “Overthrow God” and “destroy Capitalism” on their path to dystopian earthly, humanistic “GARDENS of eden and TOWERS of “babel” promising “heaven on earth”.

“Race” is just a “red-herring” distraction confusing the real SPIRITUAL issues and problems of “humanity”.

We are ALL sheep gone astray, SINNERS in need of GOD’s Grace.

Stop YOUR OWN “BLACK LOATHING” forms of “racism” – race-baiting, “victim-ization” and “racketeering” in the “RACIAL GRIEVANCE” industrial complex. 

“Whites” need to stop their own “WHITE-LOATHING” and “WHITE-GUILT“-  HIDING and CAMOUFLAGING their OWN inadequacies and inferiorities with twisted “racism”, which is often forms of “progressive, politically-correct posing” by fascist fundamentalist, “progressive poseurs” of pretend “virtue” camouflaging “vice”.

Pharisee-ical” self-righteous hypocrisy, done to make themselves feel morally and mentally “superior” to not only blacks but to other whites who are “heretics” who question their own SELF-deification, idolatry and PSEUDO-religion.

Just leave me and my “privilege” alone.

Your “privilege” is “un-becoming”.  

Resistance is NOT futile – FIGHT assimilation and absorption by the TOTALITARIAN “BORG”.

STOP “project-ing” and “transfer-ing”, spewing forth your psychotic, perverted, “progressive” pathologies.

This whole “racism” thing is an evil joke – “cartoon” reality from a bunch of “dystopian dim-wits” and “TOTAL-i-tards”.

Your shallow and stupid racial prejudices are hiding your deep-seated progressive pathologies.   

Your “TOTAL-i-TARD” fascist-a## “privilege” and pomposity is “crowding” my God-given “privilege” to be “free”…

“bam-bozzled” …


As a “child of God” and “American”, your nihilist-ic, narcissis-tic “non-sense” is “offensive”.

Back off


“Slavic Socrates”