Utopians promise “Heaven on earth”, ignoring life’s “TRAGIC” realities.  Utopia literally means “nowhere”.  Utopian fake “solutions” always bring dysfunctional DYSTOPIA, making things WORSE, NOT BETTER …

Some more “X-treme” History … beneath and beyond …

The latest from “DYSTOPIAN DIARIES” …

Liberals seek sexual SELF-gratification at every turn.  “Repression” through “traditional” gender relations is dismissed and ridiculed, an obstacle to “PROGRESS”.  The Hollywood Film Culture preaches to us “VALUES” about “modern” sex and gender relations and “politically-correct” [im]morality.  The Media “enlightened” model “progressive” gender relations from their “bubbles” of [un]reality.  Unfettered sex, “hook-up” culture, self-serving experimentation, hedonism without “repressive” limitations, gratification of our feelings and instincts without the limitations and boundaries of past experience and “wisdom”.  Thank you “sexual revolution”!

Sex and Love DEIFIED ends in the ‘NOWHERE” of NARCISSISM and NIHILISM (nothingness).  Another “mystery” Matlock? – one “REAPS” what one “SOWS”.

What is the RESULT?

A perverse and pathetic culture of sex EXPLOITATION, ABUSE, HARASSMENT, and overall DYSFUNCTION.  We reap the WORST of  both worlds – CHAOS and CONFORMITY.  Run by corrupt “bosses” of MALE PIGS like Harvey Weinstein, aided and abetted by FEMALE “WHORES” seeking “suck-cess”, “Hollywood” preaches twisted and perverse “values” to the whole world under the guise of “progress”.

This “enlightened” fascist elite are mentally and superior to the ignorant masses they mock and ridicule.  These morally confused and bankrupt “Pharisees” are “white-washed” houses of self-righteous hypocrisy use “FIG LEAVES” to HIDE their sinful SHAME. The fish rots from the head down.

Fascists always seek to impose their totalitarian values of collective conformity, “re-birth”, idolatrous political religion and “social engineering” on the inferior masses of “heretics” who reject their dystopian delusions.  Fascist “progressives” pathologically seek to destroy the “corrupt” past, only to create a far worse, dystopian world of hypocritical, dictatorial non-sense.  Hollywood elites expose themselves for the self-righteous, hypocritical “perverts” they are.  Unfortunately, we all suffer from this “human disease”.  But Hollywood pretends their “stuff” does not stink.  But then again, they pretend for a living.  What else should we expect from these de-generates and fascist mental and moral midgets?

These CRIMINALS and their “ACCOMPLICES” use sexual “liberation” to create a sex and gender dystopia of predators and “prey”, “monsters” of their own making, where everyone is a “VICTIM” of a problem created by their OWN ignorance and hubris.  Their “protests” are pathetic.  They unleashed the POWERS that created the evil monsters of their own abuse, while their “PROTESTS” after the fact show their MORAL COWARDICE and lack of principle when it actually COST them something.  “Progress” has a “price” in the “real” world.  Again, the FISH ROTS from the HEAD DOWN.

Now EVERYONE is forced to live in a state of SEXUAL and GENDER “VICTIMIZATION”, REPRESSION, CHAOS, ALIENATION, INDIFFERENCE and DYSFUNCTION.  Both real “abuse” and fake “accusation” can be used to DESTROY.   Fake “COMPASSION” under the guise of “humanity” results in CRUELTY and IN-humanity. [e.g. scapegoating and witch hunts]  Individual “CONSCIENCE” morphs into MOB CONFORMITY.  “Tolerant” FREEDOM becomes “totalitarian” FASCISM.  “Social Justice” is a fickle “virtue” used to excuse all sorts of VICES.  Humanity loves darkness more than light. 

Anything you say or do will by held against you the land of dystopian dictatorship we sheep are walking the path towards!  Real or fake abuse and/or harassment, the “GUILLOTINE” awaits for public SHAME and SPECTACLE.  People will be “be-headed” in the name of “public safety“.   Our SEX and BLOOD LUSTS rationalized as “SOCIAL JUSTICE” can be collectively appeased (but never fully satisfied)!  The human “food chain” of “predators” and “prey” continues into unabated animal cruelty, ignoring our “image-ness of God”.

Humanity without limitations seeks to “play God” and build “Towers of Babel” to heaven, clueless to our capacity for DESTRUCTION and EVIL.

If there is no God, anything is possible!  Bait and Switch – dystopia, not “utopia” is probable.

The attempt to “FIX” the sins of the PAST will morph into and fuel a hellish FUTURE.  There are never enough “enemies” and “heretics” to satisfy our power and blood lusts.   “Rehabilitation” and “COMPASSION” morphs into “retribution” and CRUELTY.  That’s change and “transformation” I can believe in!

The “revolution” DESTROYS it’s “enemies”, then “EATS it’s own”.  We feed the MADNESS … MANUFACTURE OUR OWN MISERY.  All hail the liberal fascist state!  Thanks, Hollywood for “FEEDING the BEAST“!  Wait … the sign at the zoo said to NOT feed the animals … never mind that … shallow and superficial utopians are always clueless to unintended consequences … Like Frankenstein, we are destroyed by monsters of our own making

Progressives and liberal fascists”  like to PLAY WITH MATCHES with little or no understanding that FIRE BURNS and DESTROYS.

Those who profess “empowerment” are burned by the “empowered”.  POWER corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  “Principles” CAMOUFLAGE the human will to POWER.   Sexual OBSESSION becomes OPPRESSION.  Sexual and Gender “IDENTITY” becomes MEANINGLESS.  But not in the pretentious Hollywood “bubble” of hedonistic “heaven” (hell).  There is no UTOPIAN “cures” or “solution” for our “SINFUL” states – instead the DYSTOPIAN “human disease” spreads.


“Hollywood” unleashed a culture of hedonism and is surprised when it blows up in their face. Heaven becomes hell-ish. Should we be surprised?  Fascists surrender their “intellect” and “FACTS” for “instincts” and “FEELINGS” –  Utopian WISHFUL THINKING and DELUSION ignores “reality”, resulting in DECEPTION, DYSFUNCTION, DESTRUCTION and DYSTOPIA.

The outwardly “brilliant” GLOW WORM is an UGLY, REPULSIVE “BUG” on the inside.

Perception  is NOT reality …

Utopia is NOWHERE.  Dystopia emerges EVERYWHERE.  We are FOOLED … AGAIN …


Slavic Socrates