UTOPIANS vs The TRAGIC (Visions in Collision)

ECONOMICS SURVEY – “Visions in Collision” – Economics Xtreme.com by Slavic Socrates.com

We as humans inhabit CONFLICTING “WORLDS”, with related “WORLD-VIEWS”.

“TRAGIC” Realism deals with how things “ARE” or “IS”.

UTOPIAN Idealism deals with things as they OUGHT, SHOULD and CAN be.

Life is CONFLICT between these two “worlds” or “WORLD-VIEWS”.

“UTOPIANS” recognized the “POSITIVE” side of life’s POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIAL, the “GOOD“..

The “TRAGIC” recognizes the “NEGATIVE” side of life’s “FLAWS” and LIMITATIONS. (PESSIMISM) UTOPIA literally means “NOWHERE”.  Life without TRAGIC “realism” becomes “WISHFUL THINKING”, even “DELUSION” ( divorced from “reality”, believing a lie).


We ALL have “VALUES” that are “TRANSCENDENT” and “BEYOND” (e.g. love, hope, beauty, justice). Ideals are ABSTRACT, YET we experience and “recognize-see” them exist and are “REAL”.  Life without idealism is called cynicism. UTOPIANS see and recognize the “positive” part of life’s POSSIBILITIES.

The “HistoryXtreme approach” uses WORLD-VIEWS, life’s CONFLICT between TRAGIC and UTOPIAN “VISIONS” or world views to comprehend, analyze and interpret “the world”.

The study of “HISTORY” is intrinsically linked to and dependent on one’s interpretation of “the WORLD”.

Looking through the “SPECTABLES” of “WORLD-VIEWS” (“Utopians” vs “The Tragic”) enables us to see “BENEATH” and “BEYOND”. It provides a foundation or “schema” of historical understanding, analysis and interpretation of “the world” we all inhabit.

In the end, “SLAVIC SOCRATES” asks which WORLD-VIEW, “UTOPIAN” or “TRAGIC” BEST characterizes “REALITY” and “the WORLD” we inhabit?

On SOME levels we are ALL “utopians”, see “possibilities” and seek “progress” in a POTENTIALLY “PERFECT” world.

YET, we all recognize and encounter the “tragic” limitations, flaws and “realities” of life.

How we interpret, “encounter”, travel and “negotiate” this “EXTREME” conflict we call “life”, IS vs OUGHT, IDEALISM vs REALISM, POSSIBILITIES vs LIMITATIONS, OPTIMISM vs PESSIMISM, impacts how we conceptualize, comprehend and live in “history”.