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#3 The ROTTEN CORE (“Comedy” X-treme) – #3 June 2018


The latest “study” shows that many Asians are disappointed to find that they have become “victimized” by “exceptional” values in “exceptional” America.  Despite a history of racial discrimination they have overcome, strong traditional educational and moral values, an excellent work ethic, family support and pro-American cultural assimilation that have helped them to be successful in America, many are disappointed to their own success as “barriers” to “victim-hood”.

Study participants were disturbed and disappointed to find their own behaviors were “road blocks” to being “victims” just like most other Americans.

One study participant, who tole us her name was ‘Hope Lee’, told our Rotten Core correspondent, “This not being treated like most other Americans who strive for level-ing mediocrity, self-destructive narcissism and entitlement, seeking lives of “equality in misery” is unacceptable.  We seek equal treatment as Americans like everybody else.”

When told there was no Asian Anti-Defamation League to complain to because most Americans admire and respect “Asian” achievements and contributions in “American” society, Hope seemed surprised.  She stated, “I would start one myself, but after volleyball practice before our final championship play off game I have to go home and study for my Advanced Placement World History exam so I can boost my G.P.A. to 4.8, then help baby sit and tutor my little sisters while I do house chores, before I mow the lawn before family dinner after my computer engineer father and doctor mother get home from work. This NOT being loser ‘victims’ like most Americans SUCKS!”



God “officially” pardoned Friedrich Nietzche of his attempted “murder”.  When questioned by our Rotten Core Correspondent, God stated, “That crazy Freddy told everybody I was dead.  He was obviously wrong, rotting in hell, but I still enjoy f##king with that Teutonic twit.”

Nietzsche was also rewarded by Satan with new roommate in hell.  Fred had roomed with fellow atheist and “crazy German” Karl Marx since entering hell.  Fred told our Rotten Core correspondent, ‘I finally got a new roommate!  I got so tired of that a##hole Karl (Marx) as a cell mate.  All he wanted to do was play “Gulag” and “dictatorship of the proletariat” and he was alwaysthe dictator.  That s##t gets old real quick”.

“Freddie” now has Jeffrey Daumer as a new roommate.  He told us, “Getting murdered, chopped up and mutilated and stuffed in the fridge seemed weird at first, but it still beats being with that obnoxious, delusional a## Marx.  If I have to hear him rant from “das Kapital” one more time I’ll screeeeeeeam”.

Nietzsche was hoping for the “new guy” Charles Manson as a room mate, but was denied by Hitler.  Freddie was disappointed but not surprised – “They both got that whole frustrated artist, swastika and master race thing going on so it made sense.”


“Samantha”, an alleged comedian on an alleged “comedy tv channel, who claims to be from some alleged “country” called “Canada”, sent out a CONFUSING message in the latest public scandal.

Samantha called the daughter of some guy with orange hair a bad word.  She was not fired for her vile, disgusting and disrespectful comments about the man’s daughter. She did it as a form of “social protest”.  But she had an excuse – she is a “feminist”  that hates “the Man”.

“I have a strong, positive “feminist” message– that’s why I called a fellow female and mother Ivanka a c##t and told her to go have sex with her father. That will show him!

In a separate yet bizarrely related development, a “CRAZY WOMAN”, who claimed her name was “Roxanne” or something like that (I wasn’t really that close of attention) also made offensive and in-excusable comments about another woman.

ROXANNE is a crazy and cartoonish comedienne with professional success (unlike Samantha) and can actually be “funny” at times.  

Roxanne made an ignorant, offensive, inexcusable commenton social networking about another woman. She was immediately fired.  She was “guilty” of espousing some political support for the old man with orange hair.  That was the excuse to fire her immediately.

All these women were insulting each other.  They apparently did not get the “Me Too” memo.  None of them were wearing “Vagina Hats” either.

Roxanna did admit her behavior was inexcusable, as she offered an excuse for her behavior.   But onlookers showed confusion, anger, resentment over use and scapegoating of her as a political tool by other “entertainers” who are obviously more ignorant, hypocritical, crazy and cartoonish than Roxanne.

Both Samantha and Rosanna did NOT seem to UPSET AT BEING USED as POLITICAL PAWNS BY SIDES WHO ARE EVEN MORE HYPOCRITICAL, FOOLISH and CRAZY PEOPLE in the body politic.  Samantha stated, “We are all narcissistic media whores. That is what we do.  But it works for us. Why do people even care about  what we think?  This is good for business.”

Roxanne told our Rotten Core correspondent, “I am a crazy person taking a drug that makes people even more crazy-er.  What would anyone or everyone expect?”

The “old white guy” was confused, wondering how HE somehow. became the center of attention.  He apparently did not realize how EVERYTHING is alwaysthe old white guys fault.

This whole strange love-hate triangle spectaclehas left many in the body politic CONFUSED.  But it ends up making “perfect sense”.

Samantha was not fired for scapegoating Ivanka for being the daughter of her scapegoated old man father who fired everybody as scapegoats, while Roxanne was fired as a form of scapegoating for supporting the old man scapegoated by the scapegoats, when Rosanna obnoxiously and inappropriately made fun of a woman who supports a country that scapegoats Israel-Jews for the world’s problems, promising to “fire” the people who gave us the word “scapegoat” in nuclear “holocaust”.

It actually “makes sense” to those deceptively and disgustingly deranged living in a dysfunctional dystopia leading us to nowhere narcicissism and nihilism.

Whatever.  Old “orange hair” seems to have a strange effect of women.  He does not seem to mind being the center of attention either, whether intended or not.  He stated, “What is up with this crazy-ness?  That one hates me and she DOES NOT GET FIRED! The other one likes me and She GETS FIRED! This whole thing is ridiculous!”

He admitted, “OK, I did have sex with that porn star, but don’t ask me to explain my “involvement” with those other crazy b#@ches”. Sheeesh!”

It’s almost like some are trying to make a new “reality show” now involving current political “reality“, capitalizing and exploiting  fake issues, fake news and false narratives and giving us all a mindlessly repetitive 24-hour “news” format based a fake, delusional view of “reality”.  It makes “perfect sense”!



Exalted leader of world to play Japanese Prisoner-of-War Camp Commander

Former American president Barak Obama is reported to sign on as lead actor in the lead role of a “classic” movie remake – “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”.  He is apparently making a surprise career move from politics after acting and pretending like he was the “king of the world” for eight years as American President.

The role of a Fascist-Imperialist utopian leader promising duped “inferiors” and “clingers” to forget their past freedom to be forced to build a  “better world” through state-engineered government projects built as a symbol of his own  vain glorious will to power appealed to Obama.

The idea or megalomaniac DEMOGOGUES manipulating the masses to build massive MONUMENTS to THEIR OWN insatiable EGOS that deceptively promise “heaven on earth” but in reality bring “hell” in a demonic desire to spread tyrannical dystopia all over earth seemed to resonate with Obama.

Obama remarked the career change is not that radical.  “I used to be a community organizer.  This role allows me to be “camp organizer”.

An added caveat was the plot line of “building Bridges” on the sacrifices of prisoner forced labor that is “payback” for British colonialismappealed to the wanna-be “king of the world”, I mean former President of the United States.

Obama stated he loved the “whole premise” on which “The Bridge” and its “progressive” POW leader really appealed to him.  “If you like totalitarian tyranny you can build, spread and keep it”, he stated.

When told of the ending of the original movie, how some “enemy heretic” came along and blew up his failing signature achievement of “A Bridge”, Obama did not look too pleased.  He stated, “Don’t worry about that – we progressives always seek toerase and  re-write history, I mean film scrips. Change and Transformation of past success and things that actually worded is our progressive stock in trade.”

Movie Industry insiders are wondering if a “special guest” cameo will be offered to not yet publicly named actor, to add a further “plot twist”.

Obama views this movie role as a springboard to bright thespian future.  He stated, “Maybe I can be the next Morgan Freeman.  I like to “play God”and project a certain “Cult of Personality”. I am a deceptive demagogue so I know I got this ‘acting’ and pretending thing down.  This will allow me to manipulate the gullible masses who worship me while making ‘magic” of the movie ‘silver screen’!  Plus, this is a good excuse to get away from Michelle.  This gig is going to be sweeeeet!”

A bystander walking by named “Alex” was asked to comment.  He rolled his eyes and seemed a little skeptical and cynical, stating he had bad, past experiences in “camps”.


Here I “came out” to protest Fascism, I surprisingly “came out” and  learned to embrace my “INNER FASCIST”!

I’m Fascist, Loud and I’m proud! Embrace the utopian collective or DIE!”

The woman gender studies professor who also leads an “advanced origami” seminar on the side added, “I got this cushy job pretending to teach and indoctrinating our youth with my radical, delusional, dystopian beliefs.  It got kind of boring here though.  Know I get to escape my ivory tower and “mix and mingle” by protesting with our future fascist youth!  I get to help destroy America while being employed at American tax payer expense.  Sweeeeet!”



Munich Agrement (29/9/39) : Hitler and Chamberlain after signing