#11 The ROTTEN CORE (“Comedy” X-treme)

#11 The ROTTEN CORE (“Comedy” X-treme)



In a not so stunning development, the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of what was formerly known as “The United States of America” made a formal file of “DIVORCE” from its PAST.

“It’s true.  We’re breaking up”, stated the new “temporary”, transitional “premier”, I mean president, Barak Obama.  He told giddy media kiss-a## propagandists, I mean “journalists”, who probably had a “tingle down their leg”.

The de facto “king of the world” and global “community organizer”, who had formerly been mere “President of the United States”, volunteered to take over after the deep-state sponsored, Soviet-style show trial and coup removed Donald Trump from office.


Trump is now “resting comfortably” during “re-education and rehabilitation” in what is called “Trump Gulag” situated next to a golf course on the coast of North Korea.

Newly confIrmed Ambassador to North Korea Dennis Rodman confirmed this development.

Premier, oops, I mean transition “President” Obama confirmed that the takeover applied to all 57 states, Canada and Cuba.  All hospitals are now to be officially called “Obama-cares”.  Obama triumphantly stated, “You can have the doctor I want”.

Obama was philosophical.  “Remember, American history is full of ‘break ups’ – the Civil War, O.J. and Nicole, the Beatles.  Sh#t happens.’ …

‘American’ history is like an episode of ‘Behind the Music” – racist Founding Fathers come out of nowhere to ‘make it big’, conquer the world and become a “super-power” success despite the fact ‘they did not build that’, then self-destruct with help of Alinsky-ite agitators who use Yoko and class warfare to divide John and Paul and break up the band. Those are the sad facts of history.”.

 Now we get a chance to re-write history!

What was once called the “United States of America” is to be changed to the “Totalitarian Tribes of Utopia”.

One new national region will be called “The Colored Confederacy of States” for non-whites.  The Supreme Court declared “Balkanized and Equal” as new racial policy.

“White Privilege” is officially outlawed, in the “New Racism” under “new management“.

No official word yet, but OPRAH is expected to be named the new Department of Inferiors, and AL SHARPTON named the new National Segregation Advisor.

Liberal “lynchings” are encouraged under new Attorney General Maxine Waters.  All conservatives sitting at lunch counters are to be harassed and chased away under our new set of “civil rights”.

Cities will now be officially re-constituted and governed as “SOCIALIST SANCTUARIES”.  All federal laws regarding immigration and marijuana are “nullified”.

No word if the “Bill of Rights” will still be in effect, but the witch-burning of HERETIC “CLINGERS” and “DEPLORABLES” is now state-approved.

Eventually, the radical “right” to “eat its own” should become official policy.

Premiere Obama reminded reporters that historically “The Guillotine” was the “Tool of Revolution”.  Our Rotten Core correspondent stated that was the FRENCH, NOT AMERICAN Revolution.  We are told our reporter is being sent to Putin Summer Re-education Camp deep somewhere in Russia, in a new “state-approved media” exchange program established with Russia.

In the “new” America, Americans will be DEPORTED, not “illegals”, oops … I mean “UN-DOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS” …

“Progressives” seemed pleased.  “In the past, we the NEW DEAL”, SQUARE DEAL, FAIR DEAL – now we got the DYSTOPIAN (raw) DEAL !!!

We can ALL be FOOLED AGAIN! Promised “heaven” (the “Garden”) always delivers “hell”  (the GULAG) !!!”

“Progressives” seemed “relieved” – “That whole history of American “Exceptionalism” that allowed everybody freedom and opportunity to “rise” was a lot of pressure.

Now we can be “equal” in misery and slavery!  That’s PROGRESS!

Lots of American emigrants came from sh#tholes – now we can be THE WORLD’s biggest sh#thole!”